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I’ve been Dr. Kshettry’s patient since July, 2013. Each time I leave her office, I feel profoundly grateful to be under Dr. Kshettry’s excellent care! She is passionate about women’s hormonal, aesthetic and sexual health! Dr. Kshettry combines a high degree of intelligence, experience and expertise of women’s issues with a warm, compassionate and serene personality and makes me feel special! Her accomplished assistant, Irina, schedules only one patient at a time so there’s never any waiting for my appointment! I’ve seen Dr. Kshettry for my annual preventative exams, BioIdentical hormones and laser spider vein removal. She performs every procedure herself- even the blood draws for lab work! I feel 100% confident in seeing Dr. Kshettry for any service that she offers to her patients! I work for a group of holistic practitioners and have highly recommended Dr. Kshettry many times to our patients as well as friends and relatives!

Thanks for making me feel good and look good!


There is no topic that you can not discuss with Dr. Kshetry. She is kind and wàrm. She is truly a woman’s Dr. who’s passion is to care for woman’s specific needs. She is very knowledgeable and intelligent and yet is very down- to- earth and open minded. All the services offered are provided only by her personally. You can rest assured you will have her undivided attention and care.

Thank you for the O – Shot


Dr Kshettry has been my gynecologist for more than a decade. On my first visit to Women’s Health, she discovered a malignant tumor which had been missed by another physician. Her skills as a surgeon are truly remarkable. She is both thorough and kind. I have recommended her to my family and friends, and I recommend her to you.


Dr. Kshettry has been a true blessing in my life. I met her 8 years ago and she has performed exceptional precise surgeries, outstanding bedside care, truly passionate of her profession and care for her patients. The cosmetic services she provides has boosted my self confidence and is performed to precise measures, she cares for you inside and out.

Thank you, Kathy Espelien

—Kathy Espelien

My testimony:
I am a 26-yr-old female who underwent my first labiaplasty when I was 17 years old, at a different healthcare facility. The surgery left me deformed, assymetrical, and took a heavy toll on my self-esteem. When I found Dr. Kshettry, I decided to have labiaplasty again. I am amazed at how happy I am with my results. For the first time in my life I feel confident in my sexuality and can look in the mirror without feeling ashamed or embarrassed. Dr. Kshettry is the first OB/gyn physician who made me feel comfortable enough to share my secret concerns, and I never once felt judged by her. She gave me hope and is the reason for my newly found beauty that I am excited to embrace.
Thank you again!!!!!!

I am a 49 year old with four children; including twins who are now 24 years old. I am experiencing typical signs of aging.  I have never been interested in pursuing invasive procedures to reverse any of my normal aging.  But last year I learned about a number of different non-invasive treatments performed by Dr. Sharon Kshettry of Women’s Health and Laser Aesthetics Center. I was most interested in the Endy Med treatments to tighten my skin and restore the collagen around my stomach. Each treatment was performed by Dr. Kshettry and took about an hour.  I was very comfortable and relaxed. After just 6 treatments, I was amazed at the improvement!


From the moment I stepped into the beautiful, calming reception area of Womens Health & Laser Aesthetic Center, I felt very comfortable. I was greeted by professional staff who really showed a personal interest in my health and wellbeing. It is wonderful to know I have found a place where I can share the experiences of aging and be cared for in so many ways through the process.


I started getting varicose veins after my first child in my late 20s. The appearance of them continued to worsen over the years to the point that I did not like wearing shorts and dresses. I never knew there was a solution for them. Then, I was referred to Womens Health & Laser Center by my best friend. Dr. Kshettry told me about the Laser options for removing or reducing the appearance of varicose veins. I am so happy with the results. I finally can look forward to summer and wearing shorts and dresses again.


After having my first child, so many things were changing in my body and I just didn’t feel the same connection with my OB/GYN doctor. My mom recommended I see the Gynecologist she has trusted for over 10 years; Dr. Kshettry. What a difference I felt immediately upon meeting Dr. Kshettry. She seemed genuinely interested in hearing all my concerns about my health and changing health needs. I know now why my mom has called Dr. Kshettry ‘her doctor’ for so many years.


As an executive in a financial firm, I know the importance of staying healthy and looking my best. Dr. Kshettry’s philosophy of care matches mine and that is important to me. I know she cares for my health as she has been my doctor for over seven years. I do all I can to age as gracefully as possible. The laser treatment options help me to do that beyond all the things that I can do myself. I feel that is important for me to look and feel my best. I simply look as young as I feel.


As a business woman, I travel constantly. Shaving on the road has been a menace. I looked at Laser hair removal options but was not comfortable with non-physician providers offering limited technology. Consultation with Dr. Kshettry provided me detail information, confidence and state of the art Laser technology. The treatment in her office was safe and painless, the best thing I have done for myself.

—Mary B.J.

For the past 20 years I have avoided wearing skirts and shorts due to unsightly spider veins in my legs. Two Laser treatments by Dr. Kshettry has made me run to the Mall of America for a new wardrobe.


As a physician, after trying chemical and laser peels with limited results, I consulted with Dr. Kshettry. Five Fraxel Laser treatments on my face made me look ten year younger. Thanks to Dr. Kshettry for providing me with an honest opinion.

—Debra G.

The decision by me and my husband to proceed with Vaginoplasty and G-Spot enhancement with Dr. Kshettry has provided us new joy in our golden years.


Dr. Kshettry has been my GYN for many years. She has always been kind, compassionate, direct and skilled in her care. I’ve recommended her to three other women in my family and every one has been more-than-satisfied with her care. I can’t imagine women having a better choice than Dr. Kshettry for all their womanly care.

—Kathy M.

This is the best place in the Twin Cities for women to get everything that a woman needs – compassionate health care for women by women…

This is the place that one gets to feel good on the inside and amazing on the outside as well – Dr. Sharon Kshettry is amazing – so make sure that this site is something that each and…every one of you puts in your books!!

I know some men have loved it also 🙂

The Curry Diva

—Heather J.