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Scars can occur as a result of trauma, surgery, infections, burns and tissue inflammation. Your body will repair the damaged skin with scar. Scars can be raised, depressed or irregular.  Scar can be unsightly depending on their location. Old therapy with creams, gels, tapes have been ineffective.

New and latest laser treatments.

Fractional laser and Micro needlin Radiofrequency energy treatments can effectively improve the appearance of  scars. They can soften, shrink, or lighten the scars. They can also bring the natural color to the scar to match with your skin. May need four to five treatments to achieve these results. The scars that most respond are hypertrophic, fresh, keloid, reddish –purple. Combination of treatments can be done with non ablative and ablative laser and radiofrequency treatments. Fractionated energy penetrates deep in the dermis to release the scar and build collagen to fill from below. It also peels the outer layer of skin to regenerate normal looking skin. It definitely makes them less noticeable. At Women’s Health and Laser Center we have fractional lasers and latest fractional radiofrequency energy devices to treat these conditions.

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