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Geneveve by Viveve – RF Treatment for Vaginal Laxity.


The Geneveve treatment utilizes the Viveve System, a patented,  monopolar radiofrequency technology for renewing and tightening tissues inside the vagina. The Viveve System utilizes cryogen to cool the surface of the vaginal tissue while RF energy is delivered deep. This protects the surface of the vagina and makes the treatment painless. A simple in office, pain free, 30 minutes treatment for vaginal laxity can impact overall well being. No downtime and no after care required. Only the Geneveve treatment uses tiny pulses of radiofrequency  energy to gently heat the deeper layers of the vaginal tissue while protecting the surface. Over the next tree months, the body responds by gradually developing healthy, new collagen so the vaginal tissue is revitalized and tightens. Also sexual sensation and urinary control is improved. Geneveve treatment for stress urinary incontinence shows promise as a viable options for patients searching for a minimally invasive, non surgical treatment option. This treatment is quick, safe and produce excellent results. No anesthesia required. The procedure is performed in our office, relaxed and comfortable environment by our MD only.



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