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Cellulite and body contouring

Cellulite and body contouring

Women’s health and laser aesthetic center is the first aesthetic practice in Minnesota to use 3DEEP Endymedpro RF technology to reduce cellulite and contour the body. This is the latest non invasive, painless treatment with no recovery time. No anesthesia is required and feels like a warm relaxing massage. One needs five to six treatments once a week. Can be a perfect lunch time procedure.

3 DEEP Endymedpro RF utilizes a custom hand piece with three prongs to effectively deliver the bipolar energy deep in to the dermis and hypodermis. It heats the tissue without you feeling this. The heat is absorbed by the deep dermis and fat cells in hypodermis. They liquefy and rid from the body and the bands breakdown giving a smooth appearance at this level. It also tightens the skin over it very effectively to give uniform tight look. With each treatment you will see the improvement and benefits continue with time. Start early before the laxity becomes severe.

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