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Women’s Health & Laser Aesthetic Center offers consultations on all types of sexual health problems.

The O – Shot as featured on Dr. Oz  is now available at Women’s Health and Laser Aesthetic Center.

Many women suffer with sexual dysfunction, painful intercourse, loss of orgasm and urinary incontinence. These can be worsened from childbirth or menopause. Women who want to improve their sexual health and experience less embarrassment from urinary leakage,  should consider this simple shot.

What is the O – Shot?

The O – Shot is a simple, painless, in office procedure that can restore your sexual health and diminish urinary leakage. Your own blood is drawn in a FDA approved sterile sample kit and processed to harvest a high concentration of platelet rich plasma. This has many growth factors that stimulates the new blood vessels, fibrin, matrix and collagen formation. This improves blood flow to the clitoris and vagina. The procedure restores and enhances the sexual sensation and orgasm. The area is numbed with a topical numbing cream, making it painless procedure. There is no down time or aftercare needed. Performed by our physician only.

Patients Report:   Stronger and more frequent orgasms, increase in sexual desire, decrease in urinary leakage, increase sensation during intercourse and less pain.

The procedure has no side effects, risk free and well tolerated by patients. Call for your own private consultation or appointment at 952-831-2828.


Call the Women’s Health & Laser Aesthetic Center at (952) 831-2828 to schedule an appointment in our Bloomington, MN office.