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G-Spot Augmentation

Feel the excitement the way it is supposed to be.

  • Recharge your sexual health
  • Restore and improve orgasm
  • Renew the sensitivity during intercourse

G-Spot is a bundle of nerve endings located in the lower anterior vagina. In some people nerve endings are flat. During intercourse there is a lack of contact and sensitivity leading to unsatisfactory intercourse and poor orgasm.

A simple procedure using human collagen is performed in the office by our physician to build and elevate the G-Spot. The procedure takes less than ten minutes, and you can resume sexual activity the same day.

This procedure improves the sexual contact during intercourse and increases the sensitivity and excitement during sexual activity leading to satisfactory orgasm.

Women report high satisfaction with this procedure.

LUV® Repair

Our center has developed vaginal tightening surgical techniques for precise vaginal repair  and  improved  postoperative recovery. This procedure can be performed under local anesthesia. Suitability of the procedure can be determined only after gynecological examination.

Perineal Rejuvenation

A combination of procedures can be done to enhance the appearance of female genitalia.

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