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The Women’s Health & Laser Aesthetic Center offers consultations on all types of birth control. Dr. Kshettry will perform a full gynecological exam and physical before prescribing birth control.

Intrauterine devices (IUD) consultation

Insertion of IUD is a simple procedure performed in the office that generally does not require anesthesia.

Mirena IUD: This IUD has a slow release progesterone hormone. This IUD can be kept for 5 years.

Paragard IUD: This IUD is a copper device that is effective for 10 years.

Skyla IUD: This IUD has slow release progesterone hormone. Recommended for women who have not had childbirth. This IUD can be kept for 3 years.

Implanon consultation

Implanon is a small flexible rod that releases small amount of hormone in your body that prevents pregnancy. This rod is inserted in the upper arm under local anesthesia. This method works for 3 years.

Hormonal  contraception

Birth control pills, hormone coated rings, slow – release hormone injections

Barrier method

Diaphragm fitting performed and prescribed.

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